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Add Old Town Charm and History to Your Home or Business Look no further.We have many historic and vintage pieces available designed to add beauty and elegance to your home. In our “Catalog” you will see everything we currently have available including but not limited to intricate sconces, gates and railings. We are master fabricators and can create, re-create, modify, repair, refinish and customize these and other metal products creating a perfect finished project..

Old Town Iron works are present in every Tuscan home and garden: gates, window grills, balustrades, railings, balconies. Ironwork is a principle feature creating a sense of grace and movement. Ornamental detail is an essential element of design complementing the solidity of the structures. Metal objects forged by hand still using hammer and anvil, are considered pieces of great beauty. We find antique gates and other wrought iron features that will be harmonious in scale and proportion for the specific project. Our master artisans can also custom make any object guaranteeing a superb quality of traditional craftsmanship.

About Our Products

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In colonial America, the town blacksmith was called upon to make many wrought iron products. The blacksmith shop was the local hardware store and farrier. Forging an axe, a knife, a candle holder, a set of door hinges, chandeliers, fire screens, or a fence and gate was what the local smithy did. They would also repair rims on wagon wheels or replace horseshoes that had been thrown.

Whether the town needed swords or plowshares, the blacksmith made them. Without the blacksmith, the town could not survive. Today we work hard to uphold the past and make it fit to the modern home or office.

Paul Simon General Manager